Partners in Care
At Palm Garden we partner with our patients, residents, and their families in an inclusive way to help ensure a successful patient outcome. We will set up an initial team meeting to discuss and establish realistic goals and strategies. Your participation in this meeting is very important as it will lay the groundwork for developing your individualized plan of care.

Establish Realistic Goals
Our goal is to meet regularly with our interdisciplinary team to develop a realistic discharge plan and to identify any potential barriers.

Interdisciplinary Team Meeting
As your Partners in Care, our interdisciplinary team will meet throughout your stay. Our final meeting will include, at minimum, a social worker, therapist, nutritional professional, and nurse. We will discuss training and education opportunities in order to help you obtain your highest level of function and independence at home.

Following Up at Home
Once you’re home, a member of the Palm Garden Partners in Care team will contact you to make sure everything is going according to plan and to answer any questions you may have.